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Soybeans are one of the leading oilseeds. Soybean is used as a source of edible oils and proteins, for human consumption, for livestock nutrition and for various industrial purposes.

Soybeans can be sown in May, June or early July, but they are mostly sown at the same time as corn because it has almost the same temperature conditions for germination.

Soybean harvest
Before harvesting soybeans, the combine should be adjusted so that the harvest is done with the least possible losses. Soybean straw is less favorable for threshing, and the grain, unlike wheat, is enclosed in a pod, so the permeability of the threshing machine is reduced by 50%. Therefore, threshing must be performed at a reduced number of revolutions, due to which the throughput of the combine is lower. The optimum harvest moisture of soybeans is between 14 and 16%.


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