Megamarket Kompani

Mineral Fertilizers

Megamarket is a supplier of Elixir Zorka complex mineral fertilizers of exceptional quality.


Our company is the exclusive distributor of the "KWS" seeds. We sell the highest quality varieties and hybrids of seeds.

Mercantile goods

Megamarket imports, distributes and exports mercantile goods (wheat, corn, soybeans, rapeseed).

Plant Protection Products

We also sell plant protection products from recognized companies on our market.

What we’re offering

Better Agriculture for Better Future

Megamarket imports and distributes high-quality complex mineral fertilizers, mercantile goods (wheat, corn, soybeans, oilseed rape). We import and distribute wheat seeds, corn seeds, rapeseed, soybean seeds, sorghum seeds. We import and distribute wheat seeds, corn seeds, rapeseeds, soybean seeds.

Agriculture Matters to the Future

Providing High
Quality Products