Megamarket Kompani

We sell the best agricultural products.

We are building agriculture for future generations.

Our fertilizers are the best fertilizers on the market.

Our seeds are the seeds with the best yields.

Agricultural Products

Megamarket kompani trades in the highest-quality agricultural products. As the exclusive distributor of Elixir Zorka mineral fertilizers and KWS seeds, we provide the best seeds of wheat, corn, oilseed rape, sunflower, sorghum, barley. We also offer high-quality mineral fertilizers and plant protection products.

  • Elixir Zorka Mineral Fertilizers – Elixir Zorka’s production includes various formulations for the highest quality mineral fertilizers, with a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation, and high water-solubility in the soil.

  • KWS Seeds – can offer every farmer – whether they using conventional or organic cultivation – varieties and hybrids and solutions customized to their needs. It is the basis for efficient, productive, and sustainable agriculture. Seed development inappropriate climatic conditions is just as important as technical preparation with the highest quality standards and logistics, which ensures intact and punctual delivery.

  • Plant Protection Products – are a very important factor for plant protection from pests. We offer various types of plant protection products from recognized companies in our market.

Every year, Megamarket buys and exports to foreign markets mercantile products (wheat, corn, oilseed rape, soybeans) purchased from producers on the domestic market.

We provide high quality products

Additional Benefits

The services we offer are the import and sale of mineral fertilizers and seeds, the purchase and export of mercantile goods. We also store all agricultural products, and we have services for drying mercantile products.