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Services we offer in foreign trade:
The export and wholesale of mercantile goods

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In foreign trade, Megamarket kompani is engaged in the wholesale of mercantile cereals and oilseeds on the foreign markets. Our company has many years of experience in the purchase and wholesale and export of mercantile goods to foreign markets. Megamarket is one of the largest exporters of mercantile products of Bosnian origin.

Megamarket kompani trades in cerials and oilseeds:

Trade in agricultural products includes the purchase of mercantile goods of Bosnian origin and their wholesale on the domestic and foreign markets.

Exports of mercantile products mainly include corn, wheat, oilseed rape and soybeans. During the year, in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we purchase agricultural products intended for export to foreign markets, and store them in our silos. We also use the services of other silos in order to achieve the best possible distribution and coverage of the market.

Agricultural plants (cereals and oilseeds) are grown for the purpose of obtaining a particular product. In cereals and oilseeds, the most important part of the product is grain and seeds. In order for the mercantile products we buy and store in our silo to be of the best possible quality, we also have a dryer within the silo and offer services for drying cereals and oilseeds.

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