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Wholesale and retail of

Mineral Fertilizers
Mercantile Goods
Plant Protection Products

Megamarket kompani is one of the most well-known distributors of agricultural products on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are engaged in the retail and wholesale of mineral fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products, and the sale of mercantile goods.

Also, on the domestic market, we buy mercantile goods that are intended for export (wheat, corn, oilseed rape, soybeans).

We offer the best agricultural products

By selling mineral fertilizers and seeds, we are present on the entire market of Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout the year.
Through direct contact with customers and daily work with them, the employees of our company strive to provide and offer to all our potential and existing customers specific and detailed information and expert advice regarding the products and services we offer.

Domestic trade is organized in several programs:

We offer our customers the highest quality products and services through all of these programs. Our Elixir Zorka fertilizer is one of the most represented and the highest quality on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the seeds we offer bring the best yields for agricultural producers.

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