Megamarket Kompani

Storage of agricultural products

During the year, Megamarket Kompani buys mercantile goods (cereals and oilseeds) of Bosnian origin and stores them in silos and floor warehouses. In an effort to achieve maximum market representation and maximum market coverage, in addition to its own storage capacity, the company uses the services of storage of other silos and warehouses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company also has the equipment and a plant for drying mercantile products as well as the equipment for reading and determining their quality. In addition to the above, the company also stores in the floor warehouses the production material for agriculture: plant protection products, seed and mineral fertilizers. We offer the possibility of transport and delivery of all goods that we store to the customer’s place of residence, as well as the possibility of personal pick up of goods in our warehouse.

Storage of mercantile products includes the process of finishing and professional preparation of products.

Agricultural plants (cereals and oilseeds) are grown for the purpose of obtaining a particular product. In cereals and oilseeds, the most important part of the product is grain and seeds. The process of storing agricultural products begins with the harvest. After the harvest, storage is started, and before the successful storage of the product, it is necessary to finish and professionally prepare the product for storage. The most important procedure in finishing and preparation is drying the product (cereals and oilseeds).

Harvesting is a process where a certain crop is harvested, so after the harvest it is necessary to perform the process of cleaning from impurities. The process of cleaning the product must be performed before drying because the impurities directly affect the operation of the dryer, and thus the quality of drying. Drying is the process of removing excess moisture from a product. Drying is done with as few changes in product quality as possible. 

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