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Rapeseed oil is produced for the purpose of obtaining oil.

It begins to bloom in early spring and flowering lasts about 20 days or more.

It thrives best in moderately warm and moderately humid areas. The minimum germination temperature is 3 – 5 ° C, and the optimum is 25 ° C.Rapeseed needs a lot of light. and this can be ensured by a good and proper arrangement of the plants. 

It has a great need for water. Most water is needed during times of intense growth. Rapeseed starts very early with vegetation and makes good use of autumn-winter water accumulated in the soil, so it is rarely bothered by droughts.

Rapeseed harvesting is done when the leaves are drying, the stem changes color to yellowish, and the stalks take on a yellowish-brown color and shoot.

After harvest, the seed always has more water, so it needs to be dried in order to be stored.


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