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Corn is a variety used in many industries and is one of the most important cereals.
The stem of the plant is thin and long and reaches 2 meters in height at full maturity. Corn is sown in early spring, but it is necessary to avoid frosts and wait for the temperature to rise above 10 degrees. Corn has the highest germination and fertility in warmer climates.

Corn harvest

The corn fruit is ready for harvest when the leaves are dry and the seed root darkens. At harvest, grain moisture is important so that it can be stored well. If the grain is too wet, rotting and reduced humidity can occur, it is necessary to spray with water in order to preserve the quality of the grain itself. Corn can be harvested in 2 ways. Collection in the piston is done manually, and the piston is cleaned of lumps and placed in baskets. If corn is harvested in grain, harvesters are used, which in the process of processing separate the grain from the cob and prepare it for storage. This way it can be stored longer.
All parts of corn can be used for further processing, which is why food is of special economic importance, and the basis stems from the very nature of the corn plant, the amount of production, but also the variety of uses. It is mostly used in cooking and animal nutrition.


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